Videos of the Infinite Consciousness Conference

Infinite Consciousness Conference in Bagni di Lucca, Italy at th Casino Municipale on July 16-17, 2016

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About the Conference

This international meeting of world-renowned thinkers and scientists is dedicated to what may be the most important question of our life: is our consciousness mortal and ending with the demise of our body, or is it a basic phenomenon in nature that continues beyond this life – and life after life? At this mid-summer gathering at a famous thermal resort in the heart of Tuscany, the most important question of our life will be raised and discussed by some of the people most qualified in today’s world to answer it. The answers they put forward may change the way you think of yourself and of the world.

List of Speakers

Keynotes by:

  • Ervin Laszlo;
  • Eben Alexander;
  • Raymond Moody.

Goi Peace Foundation:

    Hiroo Saionji;
  • Masami Saionji.


  • Jude Currivan;
  • Jean-Pierre Gerbaulet.


  • Victor Sims.

Medical Doctors:

  • Nitamo Montecucco;
  • Stuart Hameroff;
  • Pim van Lommel;
  • Video from Pier Mario Biava.

Consciousness Researchers:

  • Allan Combs;
  • Stephan Schwartz;
  • David Lorimer.


    Siegmar Gerken.

Sound Meditation

  • Karen Newell.
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