New Article by Prof. Ervin Laszlo Titled 'Sacred Cow in the Way'

Sacred Cow in the Way - Why We Are Not Getting to Where We Want to Go

Short Article Written by Ervin Laszlo

We hear more and more about global awakening and healing ourselves and our world, and not just from young people. There is a movement getting under way for recognizing our responsibilities and bringing up the empathy and even the love we need to thrive on this planet. More and more people seem ready to embrace the values and behaviors of a better future. At the same time the world is full of inequality and injustice, poverty and deprivation, violence and war, with scarce attention to the continuing degradation of the environment. What has gone wrong—why aren’t we getting to where we want to go? Young people and concerned people of all ages seem to be on target toward a better world, but they are blocked by interests that go contrary to their aspirations. There are sacred cows in the way. A sacred cow in India is simply a living cow that is not to be touched: all cows have this privileged status. But unlike real cows, the sacred cows that stand in our way today are man-made. They are values and beliefs, and operating structures and institutions based on the values and beliefs, that became obsolete but are still revered and are not to be touched. In the case of the sacred cows discussed here, this is a big mistake. These cows are not truly sacred, even if they are regarded as such, and they are very influential. They need to be recognized for what they are, and ushered out of the way.
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